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Minecraft Icons by Alfredo Hernandez

Minecraft Icons

My first icon set on Creative Market, it took me 3 months to get a single sale. What can I say I love the challenge (I think..) These icons are pretty popular now.


Custom Gaming Nav Bar by Alfredoh


Every work has a story.. Here’s a Navigation bar I designed for online Creative Markets, I’ve sold a few since upload and looking forward to creating


Epic Custom Drop Down Menu

Epic Dropdown

Tags: Gaming UI Menu, Select Menu, Gamer Art UI, UI Artist, Custom drop down, Navigation, Nav Drop Down Game UI


Destiny App

Tags: Destiny Companion App, Destiny Video Game, Gaming App Design, Mobile Gaming Art, UI Art in Gaming, Game UI Art


Destiny Companion App Stats

Game Stats

Tags: Destiny companion app statistic screen, Destiny Video Game, Gaming UI Design, Gaming UI Art, Game UI